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Fire Maintenance

Preventative maintenance visits – Planned servicing of a system, carried out on a scheduled basis in accordance with BS5839-1, 2013:
Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that the system remains reliable at all times.

We are available in-between services offering support and repairs

Services Included

Service of system
Telephone Support
Emergency response within 4 hours
Discounted call out charges
Discounted parts and labour
Free emergency call outs Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm (incl.1st hour on site) (excl. bank holidays) X
Free emergency call out 24/7 and associated labour X
Free repair/replacement of parts X

Number of services per annum:

  • Systems will be inspected 6 monthly as required by BS5839-1, 2013.
  • This frequency can be changed if required by the client or other authority.
  • However, should lesser service visits be required, notification in writing is required from the client.

The following checks will be made during a maintenance visit:

  • Full check of system log to ensure system not giving any problems that have not been reported.
  • Visual inspection of installation & location of all equipment against the specification.
  • Visual check of the installation for mechanical damage & wear.
  • Satisfactory operation of all detection devices (over the twelve month period).
  • Correct operation of power and standby supplies including batteries.
  • Wire free battery levels and signal strength (Radio Systems only).
  • Control panel for correct operation.
  • Audible warning devices for correct operation.
  • Alarm system is fully operational.
  • Time & date setting.
  • Monitored systems – check remote signalling equipment to ARC.

Exclusions from cover:

  • Accidental or malicious damage
  • Customer error or misuse
  • Fire, flood or storm
  • Electrical loss or surge
  • 3rd party telephone/mobile communication issues
  • Extra work (e.g. moving detectors for decorators)