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This is a live camera view of the River Goyt which runs beside our offices in Whaley Bridge in the Peak District.

Just in-case there is nothing exciting happening right now, we have some clips of recorded footage.

Head on over to our You Tube channel here to watch clips.

We have a regular morning visitor, a heron.  We have also caught a a glimpse of a bright turquoise kingfisher on the river. Both signs of a healthy waterway as there must be plenty of fish. There are tales of otters in the River Goyt at Whaley Bridge, so we are very excited to see if we get to see them on our river-cam. Maybe,  just maybe, we will be lucky enough to spot an otter!

We also use the camera for a more practical purpose, to keep an eye on the river levels when it’s particularly heavy rain.  This is the Peak District after all!   The highest we have seen it so far was July 31st 2019  when the water level reached as high as the bridge. We didn’t flood, but since then we regularly use the camera to check if we need to put up our flood defences.

Hopefully you will enjoy our River Camera as much as we do.

A  heron takes a stroll during calmer waters

The heron returns to a swelling river Goyt

Ottercam Rivercam WhaleyBridge RiverGoyt

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