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    Intruder Alarm Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance visits – Planned servicing of a system, carried out on a scheduled basis in accordance with EN50131-12004/PD6662:
    Effective and regular maintenance is essential to ensure that the system remains reliable at all times. Regular maintenance by a service company, and effective failure reporting by the user, will enable potential problems to be identified at an early stage so that appropriate action can be taken.

    Services Included

    Service of system
    Telephone Support
    Emergency response within 4 hours
    Discounted call out charges
    Discounted parts and labour
    Free emergency call outs Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm (incl.1st hour on site) (excl. bank holidays) X
    Free emergency call out 24/7 and associated labour X
    Free repair/replacement of parts X X
    Detector battery replacement for wire free systems

    Number of services per annum:

    • “Audible only” systems will be inspected once per annum.
    • “Remote monitored” system with Police response will be inspected twice per annum.

    The following checks will be made during a maintenance visit:

    • Visual inspection of installation & location of all equipment against the specification
    • Visual check of the installation for mechanical damage & wear
    • Satisfactory operation of all detection devices
    • Correct operation of power and standby supplies inc batteries
    • Wire free battery levels and signal strength
    • Keypads & control panel for correct operation
    • Audible warning devices for correct operation
    • Alarm system is fully operational
    • Time & date setting
    • Monitored systems – check remote signalling equipment to ARC

    Exclusions from cover:

    • Accidental or malicious damage
    • Customer error or misuse
    • Fire, flood or storm
    • Electrical loss or surge
    • 3rd party telephone/mobile communication issues
    • Extra work (e.g. moving detectors for decorators)