HIK Vision HD IP CCTV and EMCS Remote Monitoring

HIK Vision CCTV and EMCS

We are very impressed with HIK Vision, especially the HD IP range. We have recently installed this kit in a couple of high end domestic properties and some commercial sites. The images are exceptional. Our clients are really impressed. The fact that the software is the same across their whole range is also really helpful. Whether it’s a remotely monitored system or a simple stand alone system the menus are the same. The system integrates easily with EMCS and the client can easily arm or disarm their cameras – which is important. It is also very helpful for us that the Sentry system is active on all our EMCS CCTV connections. We know that unless we receive an exception report via email then all are systems are operational in all the key areas (connections, HDD, Cameras Etc.)

If a client has bought a Remotely Monitored System they expect it to work 24/7 and that what you get when you put EMCS, HIKvison and ESI together.

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